Add some European French Style to your Home Decor

Add some European French Style to your Home Decor

French Country and Nordic French Country are two design styles that have been quickly making their way into our North American lifestyles for those that really love that Vintage, European lived in look. It is a style that focuses on light, romantic color palettes with plenty of old world touches thrown in. It is perfect for those who cherish things with a worn in look and feel to them with Items that have a sense of history playing a major part in the décor.

I have always LOVED anything Vintage and Antique but of course some of the price tags were too high for my budget or they simply were not things that could be found easily. That is why being a crafty sort, I will often think how I can make my own look a likes at a much more reasonable cost. The Jean D’ Arc Living Style is one of my favorites including Crowns, Angel Wings, Religious Ornamentation ,Pretty Vintage Lace and so many more beautiful touches. I really appreciate the sense of calm and quiet history it seems to bring to my home.

I had to really search for where I could purchase any of these types of items and of course when I could find them they were pretty pricey! That’s why I decided to try my hand at making some items in the same look and feel mostly for myself but then I thought others might be looking for them as well and so I included some of those items on my shop.

Beautiful beaded wirework called “Fil de Fer” in French is a great way to bring that Nordic French look into your home. Wire work Crosses and Crowns can easily be used anywhere throughout the home. They look especially nice on top of old dress mannequins or displayed among old books and treasures. Crystals and Beads plus a Soft Vintage Look give them a quality that adds a little bit of sparkle and shine as well.

If you would like to add that Beautiful One of a Kind old world feel to your décor then have a look at my Fil de Fer wire work items. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Veronica Thibeault
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