Christmas decorating using Old World Victorian look Ornaments

Christmas decorating using Old World Victorian look Ornaments

Christmas decorating is such a fun time of year and one I look forward to as November rolls around. Of course for me this is the busiest time of the year with my web site since I start getting super busy painting Custom Ornaments and making Christmas items for my shop but I always make time to give my home that special Holiday feel.

I love the look of Vintage Christmas Ornaments and have collected quite a few over the years. It all started when my Mother gave me a box of our old Ornaments from my childhood and I loved the sense of history and how well loved they looked. By well-loved I mean scratched and faded, but I loved the idea that they were not all shiny and bright anymore, it gave them a beautiful soft quality that I loved. Since then I have collected enough Vintage ornaments to decorate my whole tree and I have to say even though I have many ornaments (since that is my job), the Vintage ones really have a special appeal.

I have recently come across the old Victorian and German Vintage ornaments and I must say I fell in LOVE with their beautiful Dresden Trims, German die cut outs and old Tinsels! Of course as is always the case the originals are far too expensive and hard to find for me so I decided to make some reproductions using the old materials that were used in the past to give them an authentic look and feel. It is so much fun to search eBay and various garage sales, antique markets etc. to try to find usable old materials that will make the perfect ornament when put together. They are not inexpensive to make and therefore the price does have to reflect that but I think with their Uniqueness and Gorgeous look they are well worth it.

I know these old reproductions in the Victorian/German style of old will add just the perfect touch to your Christmas decorating this year and for many years to come!

Veronica Thibeault
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