Custom Painted Pet Ornaments are a great Gift Giving Idea

Custom Painted Pet Ornaments are a great Gift Giving Idea

With Christmas season fast approaching we will all wondering what to do to make it special for those we care about. What can I give someone that would be totally personal and meaningful to them? If the person has a beloved pet then I have just the thing.

A Custom Pet Ornament is a great gift giving idea for all those who cherish their pets, past and present. I have painted a great many pet ornaments and not just Cats and Dogs, although they are the most popular but Horses, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs and many more. I have even painted a Pot Bellied Pig! Any Pet can be memorialized on a special ornament in your choice of color or size.

One of the nicest ideas for a pet ornament is to have a cherished pet that has passed painted on an ornament either as a gift for a loved one or simply to remember your own beloved animal. I have two such ornaments on my own tree from dogs that have since passed and it is a lovely way to keep them in our memories. I even had one client ask for Angel Wings put on her beloved Lab which I thought was a nice idea and is the beauty of customizing as it is something extra special to her.

The process is very simple  in that all I require is a good photo of your pet, preferably a head and shoulder shot,  and whatever inscription you may or may not want to add and I can then go ahead. Pick the size and color of ornament you like or I can also choose a complimentary color for you, let me know any inscription and that is all there is to it.

If you are out of ideas for the perfect gift this year then this may be just what you have been looking for!

Veronica Thibeault
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