Decorating For Christmas with Vintage Items

Decorating For Christmas with Vintage Items

I absolutely adore anything Vintage or Vintage looking in my Home Décor. I find there is a certain patina and quality to things that have stood the test of time and we all know that they don’t make em like they used to! That’s why, especially at Christmas, bringing out those favorite old decorations and décor items brings a smile to the face and fond memories to my heart.

I love making Vintage look décor items and I especially gravitate to that European and French style in all things. There is a sense of history and layering of paints and finishes that is hard to perfectly replicate but then again those items are expensive and hard to find. That’s why I love to scour Etsy, Ebay and even garage sales and second hand stores to be able to find the materials to recreate items similar in feel to those old Vintage goodies.

Anything can be inspiration for making something for my shop. I have always loved old Vintage Christmas ornaments especially and have collected them for years. I display them at Christmas time in glass bowls, on my mantle and of course hanging from the tree.

I have recently started making them into Old World Victorian Style ornaments and I absolutely love how they have turned out. I have collections of all sorts of mercury glass beads, Krinkle wire, German glass glitter, vintage Angel hair and Victorian and German die cut images just to name a few of the supplies that I use to make them from. It is such a fun process to take all the bits and pieces and create a really stunning end product. I may just have to cover my tree in them this year!

I also have a collection of old Vintage Mercury Glass Tree Toppers that I will use to decorate the mantle. They look amazing lined up nestled in amongst the greenery and that Vintage glow and patina just can’t be beat. I use some of the toppers for my creations because they look fabulous for their intended purpose but that is the fun of using an item in an unconventional way. I don’t even mind that they are often not in perfect condition since I feel that just adds to the idea of how well used and loved they have been and makes them even more dear to me.

Christmas is a time for family, friends and going that extra little bit to make your home feel festive and special. I think Vintage decor items definitely help to create that.

Veronica Thibeault
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