This Gorgeous One of a Kind Victorian Christmas Ornament is delicately hand made using Vintage and Vintage look materials to create a stunning Ornament that will become the perfect vintage touch to any Christmas tree.

This Ornament began with a Vintage Hand Crochet Doily to which I have added a layer of Sparkly Crystal Snow to make it glitter in the Christmas tree Lights.
Then a Victorian/German Die cut Paper Scrap of a lovely little Angel with blue wings has been added to the middle and a Pretty Green Vintage Tinsel surrounds it for added color and glitter. A Crochet Loop is attached for hanging.

The Paper Scrap was backed with Card stock over which a layer of Lovely crystal sparkles is added to reinforce the delicate paper. A German Steifkantille wire loop is added for hanging.

The entire Ornament gives the effect of an exquisitely glowing and sparkly old world creation that is so much prettier than photos can show.

Due to the very limited nature of vintage materials this will be a one of a kind item. No two will ever be made the same so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

This Ornament measures approximately 3 inches from top to bottom

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